Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I know I have been horrible at blogging these past few month's, but our life has been beyond crazy! JD's graduation, selling a house, packing, moving, driving across country, unpacking....and more unpacking, family vacations, and more driving!!! But we are finally all settled in our little townhouse in Minnes"OOO"ta! I honestly never imagined living here...or anywhere outside of AZ, but the kids and I are excited for this new adventure...I just pray we will survive the winter's here...bbbrrrrrrhhhh!!!! Here are some pic's of our adventurous past few months...enjoy ;)
Note: I tried several times to put these pictures in order...but never could get it to cooperate (FRUSTRATING!!). So I just finally gave up and uploaded them as is...so these pictures are not in order.
"Look Mom...Mnt. Rushmore"
Me & my boys hangin out with the Presidents!
JD and boys!
Mount Rushmore
We had just arrived...this place is unbelievable!
Lake Powell trip...look at all those kids crammed into ONE houseboat!!! It was a tight squeeze!!!
Bryson and I catchin some major air!!! Bryson is our little "Dare Devil"...we couldn't get him off those tubes...he had such a good time...and we all had a good time watching him!!!
Me, Bryson, and JD tubin it!!!
This tube we called the "Safe" tube...it seriously never flipped or caught much air...so this was not Bryson's favorite...he likes to catch big air and flip out...I'm telling you he is a "THRILL Seeker"!!!
"Tan the Man"
This is Coby's pouter face...I have the hardest time getting mad at that kid when he pokes out that bottom lip like that I'm putty in his hands...and he know's it ;)
Bryson caught a Carp...GROSS...but he was so proud of his catch he held onto it till we took a picture! He received a thorough hand washing later!!!!
We took the boy's to eat at Ruby's on the Pier...they thought that was pretty cool!!
My boy's on the Pier.
Gotta love CA sunsets.
And a good game of Wuffle Ball on the Beach!!!
My silly boys!
JD giving the boy's some Boogie Boarding tips!
This is a picture of JD and I at his Formal Graduation Dinner! This was probably one of the greatest nights of my life! JD is FINISHED with school...YIPPY!!!! I am so proud of JD and all his hard work; he worked really hard for so LONG it was great to have a night to celebrate his accomplishments! And just to tell you how wonderful my hubby is at the graduation dinner all the graduates get to stand up and give a little speech. So when it was JD's turn he stood up and thanked his Professor's, classmates, and then he took a moment and honored me and thanked me for all my love and support and had me come up and he gave me a gift. When I got back to my seat I realized the bag said "DIAMONDS" on it!! I quickly opened my present and inside was a pair of diamond earrings!!!! I couldn't believe it! Just thanking me for all "my" hard work was HUGE and to top it off with Diamond EARINGS!!! What can I say I'm married to the greatest man on Earth...sorry ladies it's true ;)


Abby Runyan said...

WOW!!! You have been busy!!!!! Can't wait to hear how you like minesota. I just imagine the way you say minesota and it makes me laugh!!! I wish I would have gotten to see you. Miss you.

Nick and Maddy Winward said...

Man! You have been up to a lot! Congrats on your new adventure! Love all the pictures!

mistie said...

We are so glad that you made it to Minne"SOOOO"ta safely. Loved the pictures. We can't wait to hear about your new adventures! We love you! The Rash Family

Kaylynne said...

Its about friggin time ;) Looks fun. I will remember you during our warm winter months here in good ole Texas

sara said...

Alright - Just checked out your FB and it occurred to me you might have updated!


OOOOO -so what were you and JD all gussied up for in that last picture! HOT COUPLE alert!

Jade said...

WOW!! You have been busy!! You are too cute....your boys are too cute! Minnesota, huh? FuN! Good times to be had....keep us in AZ updated! ; )

Miss M said...

You totally deserve those diamond earrings. I love all of the summer pics too. I'm glad you're safe and sound in Minesoooooota.

Brittney Smith said...

You are alive, and have been super busy!! It was fun seeing your mom at your Grandpa's 80th B-day. He is the greatest!! I hope you guys enjoy Minnesota!!

Judd Family said...

I am glad you made it to Minnesota and had some fun along the way! (And that you are alive!) When you have some time, we'd love to catch up! By the way, we are having a girl.

Claydens said...

Cassie! Congrats on finally being done with school! So Minnesota?? What? Sounds like an adventure for sure! Have FUN!

harmon family said...

WOW!!! HE's done. I think it is as much your day as his. How sweet that he bought you such a nice gift. You guys have been busy, I was wondering how you were. I am happy to see that you are alive:)

Chelsea said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. It was great seeing you guys. I hope you enjoy your new place. If we are ever out that way we will be sure to stop by!

Marnie said...

Looks like fun! I want to visit Mt. Rushmore... and I love Powell! I hope you love Minnesota! Keep those blankets well-stocked 'cause you'll be needing them. Not that I've ever been there, but it sounds cold! And I'm jealous about the earrings! Big points for JD!

AMIT said...

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The Graves said...

That is awesome that JD is finally finished with school! What an awesome accomplishment. You guys are such a cute family!!

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Cute pictures!

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