Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I know I have been horrible at blogging these past few month's, but our life has been beyond crazy! JD's graduation, selling a house, packing, moving, driving across country, unpacking....and more unpacking, family vacations, and more driving!!! But we are finally all settled in our little townhouse in Minnes"OOO"ta! I honestly never imagined living here...or anywhere outside of AZ, but the kids and I are excited for this new adventure...I just pray we will survive the winter's here...bbbrrrrrrhhhh!!!! Here are some pic's of our adventurous past few months...enjoy ;)
Note: I tried several times to put these pictures in order...but never could get it to cooperate (FRUSTRATING!!). So I just finally gave up and uploaded them as is...so these pictures are not in order.
"Look Mom...Mnt. Rushmore"
Me & my boys hangin out with the Presidents!
JD and boys!
Mount Rushmore
We had just arrived...this place is unbelievable!
Lake Powell trip...look at all those kids crammed into ONE houseboat!!! It was a tight squeeze!!!
Bryson and I catchin some major air!!! Bryson is our little "Dare Devil"...we couldn't get him off those tubes...he had such a good time...and we all had a good time watching him!!!
Me, Bryson, and JD tubin it!!!
This tube we called the "Safe" tube...it seriously never flipped or caught much air...so this was not Bryson's favorite...he likes to catch big air and flip out...I'm telling you he is a "THRILL Seeker"!!!
"Tan the Man"
This is Coby's pouter face...I have the hardest time getting mad at that kid when he pokes out that bottom lip like that I'm putty in his hands...and he know's it ;)
Bryson caught a Carp...GROSS...but he was so proud of his catch he held onto it till we took a picture! He received a thorough hand washing later!!!!
We took the boy's to eat at Ruby's on the Pier...they thought that was pretty cool!!
My boy's on the Pier.
Gotta love CA sunsets.
And a good game of Wuffle Ball on the Beach!!!
My silly boys!
JD giving the boy's some Boogie Boarding tips!
This is a picture of JD and I at his Formal Graduation Dinner! This was probably one of the greatest nights of my life! JD is FINISHED with school...YIPPY!!!! I am so proud of JD and all his hard work; he worked really hard for so LONG it was great to have a night to celebrate his accomplishments! And just to tell you how wonderful my hubby is at the graduation dinner all the graduates get to stand up and give a little speech. So when it was JD's turn he stood up and thanked his Professor's, classmates, and then he took a moment and honored me and thanked me for all my love and support and had me come up and he gave me a gift. When I got back to my seat I realized the bag said "DIAMONDS" on it!! I quickly opened my present and inside was a pair of diamond earrings!!!! I couldn't believe it! Just thanking me for all "my" hard work was HUGE and to top it off with Diamond EARINGS!!! What can I say I'm married to the greatest man on Earth...sorry ladies it's true ;)

Monday, February 2, 2009

I still can't believe it

Can you see the panic on both of our faces?
When Bryson discovered that his tooth was lose it was all he would talk about for weeks. He told all his friends at school, and called his grandparents to tell them about some very "EXCITING" news. He asked me questions about what it was like when I was his age and lost my first tooth, what it felt like, if it bled, and how much did the tooth fairy bring me (he was most curious about that question). But when his dad (being the Dentist that he is) tried to EXTRACT the tooth, Bryson and I both decided we weren't ready!!!
So after about a week he finally decided it was time...but on his terms. We had read a book together about a boy in the 1st grade who wanted to lose a tooth and one of the ways he came up with was taking some string and tying it to the tooth and then taking the other end and tie it to a door knob then slam the door shut to pull out the tooth. In the book this scheme was unsuccessful and I think Bryson was expecting the same...so when his tooth actually came out I think he was in disbelief that it had actually worked! I think we all were!!

The tooth fairy did visit and brought Bryson a one dollar bill in exchange for his tooth! He was so excited!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tag...I'm it!!

Just got tagged! Thanks Becky for giving me something to blog about...I'm sure my "few" reader's thank you. Anyway here are...
The Rules:

1. Go to your documents/pictures.
2. Go to your 6th file.
3. Go to your 6th picture.
4. Blog about it.
5. Tag 6 people to do the same.
6. So here we go...

THE 6TH PIC...[drumroll, drumroll, drumroll...]

This is one of my favorite days! We had just moved into our beautiful new home in Texas and decided to turn our play set in the backyard into a "Water Park"! The boys spent HOURS in the backyard slipping and sliding...I can still hear their giggles!! This picture isn't the best one to capture the fun...but this one did
Blow up pool: $7.00
Water Bill: $60.00
Sunscreen: Would have been a good idea $0.00 (Another memory I have...the sunburns the next day...OUCH!!!)
Watching my boy's laugh and play together: PRICELESS
I tag...
-Miss M
-Jodi (I can't wait to see what picture you come up with)
-Laura D.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lets catch up...

I know it has been FOREVER since I have posted...but I will try and catch you up in as few words as possible...
-We went to AZ for Christmas and had a great time...we were unlucky in the job hunt though...so it looks like we will be living in a different state for a little while longer :) oh wait I mean:(

-Tanner has decided he is a big boy and has DEMANDED that he sleep with his brothers! Such a sad day...if it were up to me he would be sleeping in his crib till he was 16!!!
-And then I decided that Max was lonely and needed a friend so....we got him a puppy!!! I honestly thought this was a GREAT idea...I'm learning my "great" ideas really aren't that "great" ;)
We have definitely started 2009 out with a BANG! We hope you all had a happy and safe Holiday!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's the most "WONDERFUL" time of the year....

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have I totally lost my MIND??

We have a new addition to our family...meet MAX!
We took him in on a trial basis for the weekend and the kids ended up falling in love with him! I have to admit he is a really good dog. He will fetch a ball all day long (I'm not kidding ALL DAY...my arm is still sore). He already knows a few commands like sit and stay. And the best part...he knows his place is OUTSIDE!!

The boys are so excited to finally have a dog...and JD even seems to like him too ;)Bryson and Coby are in charge of feeding Max and picking up any doggy poops in the back yard(with a shovel)!! They haven't complained once...I think they are probably still "AWH" struck about getting a dog that everything about him is fun and exciting (even cleaning up his poops;)! I just wonder if I have taken on more than I can handle...hopefully the boys continue to help with Max and we will all live "Happily Ever After"!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...GOBBLE, GOBBLE!!!

This year we decided to carry on the Davis family tradition and go to a Turkey Trot, but since we had no one to go and support I actually had to step up to the plate and run in the Turkey Trot!

(that's me in the front with all the "serious" runners...they kicked me to the back were I belong after my picture was taken)
(this is Coby giving me some advice before my big run...he is so funny!)

And were off!!!

It was a really nice run, I enjoyed running through the beautiful park, I saw a few deer and the weather was PERFECT! But the best part about it was running to the finish line and seeing my "CHEER SQUAD" on the side lines!!! Their faces were priceless, you would have thought I was running in the Olympics!
After that we headed home to start cooking....and when I say "we" you all know I mean "ME"..right?

My master piece...this had to of been the "BEST" turkey I have ever had...not to toot my own horn but seriously it was FANTASTIC!!!! The secret is to brine your turkey...it makes it so moist and juicy! DELISIOUSO

When it finally came time to sit down and eat Bryson said "WOW Mom this is a FEAST!"
I'm so glad he called it that since "dinner" doesn't take two days to prepare!!

It was so nice to just sit down with our "little" family and laugh, and talk. My favorite part of dinner was when we all said something that we were grateful for, Coby was thankful for Mommy,Daddy, brother, and Tanner. Bryson was grateful for his family. And Tanner I'm sure was thankful for his family too and the FOOD...that kid is always eating! What a wonderful holiday to be able to sit and reflect on all the blessings we have in our lives. We really are so blessed and I am so thankful for my sweet little family.
(Bryson wanted to take our picture...after a few tries he finally got a picture with our heads in the phrame;)